A Message From Our President To Our Staff and Kansas Citians

A Message From Our President To Our Staff and Kansas Citians

Masks Required

Contagious things:

Kindness IS contagious – pass it on!!! It seems perhaps the grumpy bug has been spread about our city these days more so than kindness. Don’t let them get you down! Stress is up, hardships are commonplace, but I know my team will greet grouchiness with kindness and compassion. That’s the way you are!

Laughter is contagious – and great medicine (or so the saying goes). If you are having trouble thinking of things to laugh about, just think of all the things that are COMMON in 2020 that you would have never dreamed of in 2019. Like attending weddings via Zoom, hitting the elevator button with your elbow or turning around from your trip to the grocery store because you forgot your mask (sigh!).

Oh – and that virus…
It’s contagious and it’s not going away. Please keep vigilant and safe – here at the clinics and when you are about town. Wear your masks. Especially your N95 when you are working closely with patients. We will beat this thing – but we have not defeated it yet.

As always, I say thank you for all you do, every day.

Dr. Linda Harrison

President, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, P.A.