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Category: General Radiology

HSG and Reducing Anxiety

If your doctor orders an HSG (which is much easier to say than hysterosalpingogram) you may have heard stories from friends who have had them

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Men’s Health and Both Blogs!

This month, you will find bridges between our blogs,, where our focus is radiology and general good health, and, where we focus on

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Introducing Dr. Scott Sher

Dr. Scott Sher is about to launch into something with great energy. We’re referring to his upcoming video series here on this blog, but that

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Introducing Dr. Angela Noto

Noto, Angela: /n/ doctor of radiology. loves arthrography. and books, and languages and travel and theater and family and dogs…   We really like working

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Introducing Dr. Greg Reuter…

Before we bring you the video series on neuroradiology and sinuses, we’d like to introduce our very own neuroradiologist, Dr. Greg Reuter. We are thrilled

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