Men’s Health and Both Blogs!

Men’s Health and Both Blogs!

This month, you will find bridges between our blogs,, where our focus is radiology and general good health, and, where we focus on breast health.


Please know that our blogs are an opportunity to inform and teach health issues because as radiologists that image your entire body often in parts, we are interested in WHOLE body health – for men and women. As doctors, as people of science, as human beings, we recognize there’s a bigger picture, bigger than on our viewing monitors.


Over on, we’re covering some men’s health issues (such as male breast cancer today) during Movember. Here we’d like to take on some other important issues, such as prostate MRI. Over the next few posts, you can learn more about this important study and other important male imaging procedures.


Thank you.  Please consider us your “personal radiologists” and a source and resource for your good health.





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