Annual Screening Mammogram End of Year Reminder…

Annual Screening Mammogram End of Year Reminder…

It’s not August anymore. Some retail stores have already been celebrating the holiday season for months, but it was a fake-out. So we wanted to clarify for you: it actually IS November. And we don’t want to panic you, but it will be Thanksgiving in eight days and 2014 starts in 6 short weeks!


Why oh why would we be bringing up this stressful reminder of time ticking away?


Because it’s the time of year that you take care of everyone else: preparing meals, shopping, wrapping gifts, throwing parties, donating to shelters… it’s about family and friends and even strangers. But it’s also time for you.


You deserve to be taken care of too. In fact, only you can do it!


We’re on a mission to remind women to get their annual screening mammograms and yearly clinical breast exams.. And time is of the essence because the year is almost over!


So show yourself some love and give yourself the gift of your best possible health! There are clinics with walk-in services; there are doctors who will give you results before you leave; there are clinics with extended and weekend hours; the whole experience should take approximately 20 minutes from receptionist to report. It’s as easy as stopping by between the grocery store and the dry cleaners. (Full disclosure: yes, we are one of those clinics, of course!)


So take time now, before the bustle beings full swing to make sure you are taking care of you!




Image credit: Czapek01; by Boing boom tschak via Wikipedia Copyright Public Domain.

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