Breast Health? Kansas City Is Close to Flunking…

Breast Health? Kansas City Is Close to Flunking…

For the greater Kansas City area, 60-65% of women who should be getting annual screening mammograms have had a mammogram in the last 2 years. That means 35-40% of our Kansas City sisters have NOT had a mammogram in the past 2 years – yikes! If this were a test, we would have a failing grade! Kansas City, we can do better! Remember, annual screening mammography is REQUIRED to be covered by insurance without cost to you.  


NO insurance? There are resources that can help you get a mammogram even without insurance or when cost is an issue. NO time? Multiple clinics have appointments early, late and even on Saturday. Know someone who hasn’t had a mammogram and has fears blocking her way? Offer to go with her!  


Are your family members up-to-date on screening? Ask them! Tell them you’ve had yours – it might prompt others to remember to make that appointment!  


Together, we can make the women of Kansas City as healthy as they are awesome!





Originally published 9/2/14 on