Self-Exam? There’s An App(s) For That Too!

Self-Exam? There’s An App(s) For That Too!

In an age of technology assisting with all kinds of healthcare from in-ear thermometers to complex imaging to robots assisting with surgery, doctors have some pretty nifty tools in their arsenal. But we’re not the only ones with fun-things-as-health-assistants. 


For tech junkies and numbers aficionados, there’s the quantified-self movement which encourages recording your numbers with everything from pedometers to heart-rate wristbands. Even those less into the numbers and technology game will find useful technology to help manage life.


There are apps available covering quite a few aspects of women’s health: from calorie calculators to menstrual period-trackers to, our personal favorite, breast self-exam reminders. There are apps in many languages from all over the world, available in Android and iTunes stores…


As with many aspects of taking care of yourself, we find that if you do what’s comfortable for you, you will succeed. So if technology moves you, peruse the apps stores – many of these apps are free. Some use humor, some use a more professional tone, some give pop-up reminders and some help with exam tutorials. If you aren’t into all the techno gadgets, using your tried and true desk calendar as a reminder is just as great! 


Here’s a great article reviewing twenty great apps dealing with breast cancer for Android and iPhones for those of you who find a little technology helps you stay on track.



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