What on Earth Is Mondor’s?

What on Earth Is Mondor’s?

If you Google “Mondor’s disease” (as of May 2013) you’ll get less than 30,000 hits, which on the scale of the internet, is practically a secret. Why isn’t Mondor’s being talked about? What is it?

Mondor’s disease isn’t big news for two reasons: 1. Mondor’s is benign. 2. Mondor’s is unusual.

However, it is interesting. Mondor’s disease, while typically found in the breast, actually lives in the veins of the breast and surrounding areas. Basically, it’s an inflammation of a vein. This can cause a visible blue line and palpable lump (meaning you can feel it with your fingers), often described as a cord, or twisted-string, in shape. And it can be quite uncomfortable. Women will often go to their doctor because of pain, redness and/or palpated lump.  So that is where we come in… with these types of breast problems it is time for a diagnostic mammogram and often accompanied by a breast ultrasound.

To a radiologist, Mondor’s disease is easily identified. Sometimes harder to see on a mammogram, but easily shown by ultrasound. (There’s even a fancy word for that: “an aunt minnie” – in radiology terms that means only one thing looks like this. Radiologists love this stuff.)

The good news? It is a benign breast condition. It symptoms and cord usually resolve in a matter of weeks.  Sometimes you will follow up with breast ultrasound in 6 months for reassurance that all is well.



Originally posted 5/16/13 on mammographykc.com.